Why work for USHE?

Why come to work for the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE)?  Well, there are as many answers to that as we have employees, but the answer can be summarized in two words: we care.

We care about higher education – passionately!  Everyone in our organization is involved with higher education in one way or another. 

We care about each other.  We work together to reach our goals. And speaking of goals…

We care about the citizens of Utah.  We have a part to play in the Governor’s goal to have 66% of Utah adults receive college degrees or certificates by 2020.  It’s a goal we believe in and work to make reality every day.

There are other reasons including our handy location so close to Trax, our great benefits package, and our collegial atmosphere.  If this makes us sound attractive to you, take a moment to look at our current job openings.  Maybe there is a place here for you!